It's going to be a tough choice

Our most capable SUV. Watch now.

A capable SUV ready to take on any adventure

Designed to tackle tough terrain and unexpected obstacles, the new Everest is rough and ready.

Discover what is beyond the road’s end.

Technology designed with you in mind

Make a quick hands-free call. Find the perfect parking spot. Back up with confidence. Whatever it is you need to do, the

Everest’s intuitive technology is ready to assist you.

A comfortable ride while you explore the world

Extraordinary details like leather-upholstered seats, active noise cancellation, and a panoramic moon roof make the

Everest the ultimate pleasure on any adventure.

The power to take you there and beyond

Ford Everest’s advanced 3.2L TDCi turbo Diesel engine delivers 147kW of power and 480Nm of peak torque,

all without compromising fuel efficiency.